Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Done With the Vet For A While…

Took Chaps and Jenny to the vet’s last week, Jenny to be spayed and Chaps for a dental . After the office called to say that their procedures were done and they were both fine, we were anxious to get there to pick them up. We were concerned mostly about Chaps because of his age and the dangers of going under anesthesia but after a complete blood workup, the vet assured us that the risk was outweighed by the fact that dental infections can affect kidneys, the heart etc. especially in older dogs .

So thank goodness they were both fine and happy to see us, though Jenny was groggy and we took them home to be babied by me .DSCN1479

Now a week later, they are both done with their antibiotics and back to normal.. In fact yesterday was such a nice sunny day that we took all 3 dogs for a walk.- today it’s snowing yet again and so it’s good we did !

When will this winter end? Is it just me or is this the longest one yet ?

Come on spring !  I’ve got 3 dogs anxious to get going to parks, the lakefront, outdoor coffee shops with us , fishing with Dad etc.

And lord knows, so am I !!!!images


  1. Oh, my! How could we have missed the arrival of Jenny??!! All we can say is - so many blogs to read, so little time:) Anyway, hooray for Jenny's arrival! She is a cutie patootie, but then you already knew that! Mom is here ooohing and ahhhhhing as we type this. Hope she doesn't go getting puppy fever! Glad everything went a-o-kay at the vet. Looking forward to seeing more pics of Jenny and her brothers!

    The Road Dogs

  2. Glad to hear that Jenny and Chaps had good vet visits!

    We are sick of winter here too. It seems to never end. I'm taking a quick break from it to go visit my Aunt in California for a week, but I worry how sad I will be when I come back to Michigan and it is still so cold! Hopefully it warms up for all of us soon!


  3. Hello, Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for your lovely comment.....

    Aww your doggy is so cute. I have a dog and four cats and I am a nervous wreck when they have to go to the vets, so I know how worrying it can be. Im so glad your pets are okay and off the antibiotics. Here in the UK we are desperate for some warmer weather too. We had two nice days last week and today we had hail??? The weather has gone mad LOL! X