Sunday, February 27, 2011

Jenny’s First Vet. Visit


Took Jenny for her first vet visit last Wednesday. She was fine with everything until it came to taking her temp. WOW! Didn’t think such a small dog, 3.3 lbs., could make so much noise! After that they tried cutting her nails…well the temp.-thing primed her for hating everything after that.

We have a wonderful vet, who really loves his work and patients and so after the required oohing and aahing over how cute she is, he proceeded to check her over. He pronounced her very healthy but disputed the rescue claim that she was 6 yr. old and said she is somewhere between 2-3 yrs. old. She has not been spayed and has an appointment for Wednesday for that.

She has switched over to my homemade food from what she was on before and her potty-training is going well. Vet said these little dogs can handle the cold better than we think, if a coat is put on them and they stay out of the snow and so we bundle her up and out we go with her – she’s getting the idea but does have the occasional accident.

Chaps and Mike are really good with her – thank goodness.

Everybody is still adjusting but I think all will work out fine….will keep you informed!



  1. She is sooooooo cute! Her visit to the vet sounds hectic although reading it made me laugh.
    This is my first visit to your blog but will be back often.
    Have a wonderful day!

  2. She is adorable! We are glad to hear that she is healthy and everyone is adjusting well. Hopefully the vet visits get easier with time :)