Sunday, January 30, 2011

Grooming Time

I didn’t think that chihuahuas shed. My first two didn’t, but for some reason the most recent addition Mike is a big shedder. He is not a long-hair but his fur is longer, and thicker around his neck than my previous two. So once a week my husband takes him downstairs to his workroom and puts him on his workbench, usually getting a good half to full cup of fur.

Needless to say, Mike absolutely does not look forward to this weekly ritual but is so sweet about it….standing there patiently.



After 30 mins. of (probably gritting his teeth) and staring at me, begging the question….


“Am I done yet?”



My husband hugs him and responds…..

“All done Mike, are we still friends?”

Still friends?


“Yeah, sure dad, just let me go back upstairs, puhleeze?”



Note to Mike…..same time and place next week kid!

Friday, January 21, 2011


We’re in the deep freeze here in the midwest, temps sub-zero, windchills in the –20’s.

For some reason, the meteorologists keep repeating these miserable numbers – making us feel worse. My inside birds are warm & toasty.

My pink parakeet :

My Pink Parakeet

and two cockatiels :

DSCN1258Copy of DSCN1259

and the big guy KuKu, my cockatoo :


and I think I hear the occasional snicker as they watch their outside brethren at the birdfeeders…..



Shame on you guys……

Saturday, January 15, 2011

I Love Books

0511-1005-2803-2911Wandered into Barnes and Noble yesterday for no particular reason except that I love bookstores. Not only bookstores but libraries too.


Isn’t there just an atmosphere and smell that belongs to book places alone?

I swear that if someone blindfolded me and led me into any place where books are the main feature, I would


know where I was – and would probably spend a small fortune before I left !!!

(For this reason alone, I have re-instated my library card!)

Anyway, I found myself at a valentine-decorated table at Barnes and Noble and came away with only one book and this delightful tin of retro-valentines….

DSCN1364aren’t they the cutest?


The book is a 600 pg. novel titled “Roses” by Leila Meacham and is heralded as the new “Gone With The Wind”, thought it would be a good read for the rest of winter.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas “Fades” Away……

The holidays are over, and I for one am happy. It wasn’t the same this year, since some family members are estranged. But we did our best to have a nice holiday anyway.

Never the less, I am happy to be taking down all my Christmas decorations.

I am happy to have my usual wall d├ęcor back…..DSCN1350DSCN1354

my book cabinet filled with it’s day to day trinkets and pretties…….DSCN1357DSCN1352

even the snowman bathroom nightlight DSCN1359will give way to the softer night-time light that I prefer. DSCN1360

And so the Christmas reds and greens give way to more peaceful and tranquil pastels and whites that I so love.