Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Rummage Sale

garage-sale_~k5616302 My neighbors and I are planning a neighborhood rummage sale the beginning of June, and I am in the midst of gathering and washing items that I want to sell. Have been going thru the basement and now need to get into closets, cubbyholes and the garage attic. Trying to get my husband to go thru his things but he is just sure that everything little thing he has, he either needs or will certainly use in the future.  (uh huh…..)

I don’t have that problem. If I haven’t used it in a while or have no further interest in it, I don’t have a problem either selling or donating it.

I’m not as into houseplants as I used to be – so out goes my collections of pots, stands, hangers, tools, lights and other items. I will be happy for the space. DSCN1566


I find some kitchen items that I don’t want, an older hotplate that I never use,  drinking glasses that no longer fit in my new quest to have only clear (looks better thru my glass cabinet doors),DSCN1563


and oh those zillions of coffee cups that somehow accumulate – out lots of them  go, so I only have 6, the amount of cup holders I have.DSCN1564


I’m not one for selling clothes, maybe only if they still had the tag on, and I don’t have any of those. I usually “use-up” my clothes pretty badly. So no, no clothes.

My son will bring over some of his outgrown little girls’ clothing and that always goes over well. Also toys.

My sister will bring lots from her mother in law’s broken-up housekeeping and hopefully she will do well with that.

Haven’t really been involved in one of these for many years – and haven’t really stopped at one either, so hopefully I won’t overprice or underprice anything. I guess it’ll be trial and error.

Talking to neighbors, they have tvs, furniture, lamps, clothing, outdoor game equipment etc. to sell – so we should be pretty varied.

Chance to make some extra money and clear out unneeded items. Whatever is left we will donate. Should be fun!


Just look how excited these 2 are!!DSCN1560


Monday, April 18, 2011

It Is Almost Easter, Isn’t It?

Haven’t had much to blog about lately. Wracked my brain to come up with something….so I guess I will just go with what’s new around here – and that is absolutely nothing!!
Don’t know if this ongoing winter is getting to me or what…… oh wait, that’s right, I forgot…’s spring. ha ha
Woke up to snow covering the grass – that’s right it’s April 18 and we’re still dealing with snow and sleet!  Not only that but it is supposed to be cold all week, 30’s every night. aarrgghh!!!!!
When I feel like this, I try to remember that lots of people have it worse than me… about those awful tornadoes yesterday in North Carolina?
And I’m sure that the Japanese still recovering from earthquakes, tsunamis and nuclear fallout would laugh at my problems.
I know, shame on me……
Now that I’m properly humbled and embarrassed by my selfish attitude, please excuse me while I go shop for my Easter outfit……woolen hat, scarf and mittens
Happy  Easter  Sad smile