Monday, December 20, 2010

Homemade Dog Food


I have been making my dogs homemade dog food for the past few years - Started right after that scare of contaminated commercial foods.

Came across the book “The Whole Pet Diet”  by Andi Brown and I swear by it.

Whole Pet Diet by Andi Brown: Book Cover

She believes in good health through proper nutrition and offers many recipes and holistic solutions for pet maladies.

I have noticed a difference in my dogs’ coat from using her “Recipe For A Beautiful Coat”, which has cod liver oil, wheat germ oil, soybean oil, garlic,rosemary etc.

There are numerous other recipes for both cats and dogs and also treats, all made with fresh, no chemicals or additives ingredients.

Here is my dogs’ standard dog food recipe “Spot’s Chicken Stew” :

(I use as many organic ingredients as I can.)

2.5 lbs. whole chicken

1/4 c. fresh garlic peas

1c coarsely chopped carrots

1/2c. coarsely chopped sweet potato

1/2c chopped zucchini

1/2c. chopped yellow squash

1/2c. chopped green beans

1/2c. chopped celery

1 tbsp. kelp powder

1 tbsp. dried rosemary

Oats & barley to thicken

Put all ingredients in a stockpot, just enough water to cover, boil, simmer until cooked , debone, then put through a food processor to a thick pudding consistency.

My little Chaps looks forward to “helping” me clean the pot after I’m done. He sits and stares at me until I put it down for him. Takes him a while but he gets it spotless!





Tuesday, December 14, 2010

To Walk Or Not To Walk

DSCN1323Well, my little guys Mike and Chaps have been experiencing cabin fever lately but with the single-digit temps. we here in the midwest have been experiencing, we’ve been reluctant to take them for their walk.

After Mikes’ continual running to the door as soon as we are anywhere near it, my husband thought “okay” I’ll try them just around the block” and the temps. did reach a balmy 15 degrees today.

So I put their sweaters on and off they all went….and then back they all came!!!!

Halfway around the block my little chihuahuas’ feet froze up, they wouldn’t/couldn’t move – so he swept them up and carried them home. They may be little, 13 & 9 lbs. but he was huffing & puffing when he walked in the door. I wrapped all 3 in blankets (husband included) and they’re all snuggly and warm now.


………….guess the walks will have to wait until spring with these 3 babies!!!

Saturday, December 4, 2010


How’s this for the perfect way to spend a snowy Saturday?


What are you dreaming about Chaps?

Thursday, December 2, 2010

“Cottagey” Stainless Steel ???

My microwave died two weeks ago and considering that we use ours many times daily, knew that we needed to get out there and shop for a new one immediately.

Our kitchen appliances are all the bisque color and around 15 yrs. old so we decided to go all out and replace all of them: stove, refrigerator in addition to the microwave.

I have a smallish, cottage-feel kitchen and love the way the bisque blends into the walls and cabinets and doesn’t seem intrusive. However the bisque is being phased out so we are forced to pick between either bright white, black or stainless. I love the black and stainless in a larger, more modern-feel kitchen but in mine?? DSCN1303Hmmmm….

After several days of shopping in just about everyplace that sells appliances, we ended up buying a stainless steel microwave and stove, one of the newer 2-oven-door models. DSCN1302Haven’t used the convection oven yet…..never had one before so I have some reading to do first.

Now we need to shop for a refrigerator…..french-door? side by side? ice-maker?,etc etc….so many decisions to make. But I must admit it is fun and exciting…..I just hope they fit in with my love of “cottagey” everything.

What do you think?