Saturday, August 28, 2010

Lesson Learned


Yesterday, after Big Mike’s last opthamologist appointment,we took a ride to a local lake, just to sip our lattes and watch the boats being launched and re-entering.

Though enjoyable, we sat there thinking and talking about all we had waiting for us to do at home, how we really should get going etc etc.

My little Chaps looked over at me and somehow conveyed how happy he was at that moment…


to just be there with us

 people-(&dog!) watching, laying around and even dozing,


walking intermittently and just being out of the house.

Another reminder of how we have a lot to learn from them,

I thought,

as I looked out at the water and took another sip of coffee.


Thank You Chaps!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Annual Health Checkup


Well, it was today….the dreaded yearly checkup with my internist.

I haven’t had any problems but just the same, I do worry


about the cholesterol levels, blood pressure reading, thyroid levels etc etc,

not to mention the…………

scale!  EEEEK!!!!scale

The bad news is that my doctor walked in sneezing, coughing admitting “I’m sick”.

(uh huh, I see that….so why are you here?)

the good news was that all my bloodwork turned out fine.

I did gain a few pounds over the last year – phooey -

but I think my doc. was too sick to make anything of it.

Now, if my immune system just keeps me from getting whatever he has,

I can get on with losing those new, unwanted pounds…

fingers crossed….exercising

Sunday, August 15, 2010

My Precious Chihuahuas


We are a chihuahua household.

Love them to bits.

Sadly, June 11, we lost our beloved little girl “Gucci”…


my 15yr. old “heart and soul”.

I thought I would die….

seriously, my heart was broken.

My 14 yr. old male, Chaps, was missing our Guch too.


Several weeks went by and we decided we needed to get out of this funk – and invite another to share our home.

So off my husband and I went to our local humane society to

adopt “Big Mike” (my husband named him),

after seeing him on their website.

He is 8yrs. old, and 8lbs. of sweetness.

He has come to us with some eye damage from his time

living on the streets,

but he is seeing an animal opthamologist and is improving

little by little -

as are our hearts.


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Be It Ever So Humble…..

This has been My Place, my home for the past 39 yrs.

It is on a lovely, tree-lined, quiet street.

We brought up 2 children here, plus many pets.

We have seen many neighbors come and go.

We used to be “the kids” on the block and now

we are one of 3 of the original families left.

We considered moving last year, after retirement.

Charleston SC appealed to us, and so off we went,

on numerous jaunts from our Midwestern roots

to the southeast on home-buying searches.

Came pretty darn close…..

lovely homes, lovely area, lovely weather, lovely people – the whole package.

But when it came right down to it, we realized

we are too deeply entrenched in our neighborhood and city

to leave.

And we’re so glad for it.