Sunday, February 27, 2011

Jenny’s First Vet. Visit


Took Jenny for her first vet visit last Wednesday. She was fine with everything until it came to taking her temp. WOW! Didn’t think such a small dog, 3.3 lbs., could make so much noise! After that they tried cutting her nails…well the temp.-thing primed her for hating everything after that.

We have a wonderful vet, who really loves his work and patients and so after the required oohing and aahing over how cute she is, he proceeded to check her over. He pronounced her very healthy but disputed the rescue claim that she was 6 yr. old and said she is somewhere between 2-3 yrs. old. She has not been spayed and has an appointment for Wednesday for that.

She has switched over to my homemade food from what she was on before and her potty-training is going well. Vet said these little dogs can handle the cold better than we think, if a coat is put on them and they stay out of the snow and so we bundle her up and out we go with her – she’s getting the idea but does have the occasional accident.

Chaps and Mike are really good with her – thank goodness.

Everybody is still adjusting but I think all will work out fine….will keep you informed!


Monday, February 21, 2011

I Found Her !


Well, after all of this time I found my “little girl”. Through many months of searching humane societies and animal rescues both in person and online, it was at the Pet Expo that I visited a few weeks ago that I talked to someone, who knew of someone who was fostering my “wish dog”. If I hadn’t talked to the right person at the right time we wouldn’t have found her as she was not listed on any websites or sitting in any humane society.

She is a 6 yr. old, 3.5 lb. package of cuteness!

She was a stray (how she could have existed outside during this awful winter we are having, is anybody’s guess). She had to be treated for kennel cough so we had to wait for her to be cured of that during which our boys had to get a bordatella immunization as a preventive.

We went to pick her up this last Saturday and took Chaps and Mike along to meet her and that went great! All 3 milled around each other, sniffing each other etc. (Though Chaps was more interested in the bags of dogfood that were stacked in the room we were in! lol)

We have an appointment this Wednesday for our vet to examine her but she seems healthy to us. With the brutal winds and new snowfall, housetraining is slow-going so we will concentrate on that more this spring. The foster home had her using the floor pads because of her size. So I guess we will go with that for a while.

We are all undergoing an adjustment around here….she thinks Mike’s bed is hers and Mike being the passive personality, he lets her have it and just sits there looking at her in his bed. I will have to work on that. 

No arguments (fingers crossed) yet…thank goodness but we know enough to expect that she might just need to be shown her place by Chaps. Anyway, we are all happy for her to have joined our family.

Oh, I almost forgot…..making her blog debut, here is “Jenny”………..


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pet Expo.

Went to a Pet Expo last weekend. I’m still searching for my little female chihuahua and so I thought I would check it out. Boy, you don’t realize how many pet rescue groups there are until you go to something like this. I refuse to buy from a breeder or pet store, instead wanting to help some poor runaway or giveaway. However I do know what I want, and that is a small (I already have 2!) female (I already have 2 males!). I’ve been watching our local humane society online but females are harder to come by and the small ones go quickly. Anyway, back to the expo…..we saw so many wonderful dogs, cats and birds. Get a load of some of these…..DSCN1427DSCN1411

and these…..


and these…..


all in need of a home.

I liked the booths with a cause, such as…




They offered dogfoods and treats of all kinds…


some looking like straight out of a“people” bakery! yum!

I sure hope lots of these pets found homes – they all deserve someone to love and not abandon them.

I didn’t find my little girl there but continue to search for her. She’s out there somewhere, just waiting for me!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

What a Surprise !


My gosh, what a surprise!

Thank you to Macho Minute for this Stylish Blogger Award. Macho’s blog was one of the first I followed and continues to be one that I most look for new posts on.

Don’t know that we deserve any awards, being so new to this blogging business, but it was gracious of you to send it our way.

Let’s see…..7 facts about us, huh? Well,

1) My (chihuahua) boys are 14 and (approx.) 7 yrs. old and having lost our last 2 dogs during their 15th yr. we are admittedly nervous about Chaps’ upcoming birthday.

2) I feed my dogs homemade food from organic chicken and vegetables.

3) I am actively looking for a female chihuahua, preferably middle-aged and definitely from a rescue. Need to equal out the testosterone level around here!Actually, I want a little girl to pamper (as if I don’t with my boys….but you know what I mean)

4) I got into the bad habit of dividing one of those small, vanilla ice cream cups between them when I get home from food shopping. Now they expect/demand it, and whatsmore, it has evolved into anytime I get home and with any kind of shopping bags!

5) My husband and I are newly retired and can spend more time with my guys..and they love it, as do we.

6) I am enjoying this blogging experience but hope to get better and more creative with it.

7) I am trying to blog about my other interests but am having trouble incorporating them into what I have already started. I bought a book on blogging and it said that you should stick to one theme. Sometimes how-to’s aren’t beneficial – so I guess I will just do what pleases me and hope for the best.

Okay, not especially interesting but the first 7 that came to mind.

The next part of this award involves adding other blogs that I enjoy and consider “stylin’ “. They are :

1) Road Dog Tales

2) Avery Jack's Tails

3) Dip-Dip and the Bridge

4) Mockingbird Hill Cottage

5) Home and Heart

The first 3 are pet-inspired and the last 2 are just glorious to look at. I hope you visit them and like them as much as I do. 

Thanks again Macho and Nicole, from Chaps, Mike and Cyndie.