Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Autumn In The Park With My Dogs

We have been trying to squeeze every last ounce of fall out of the weather around here, dreading the looong winter ahead.


Our little guys can’t take much of the icy-cold winter, so we are taking them for frequent walks in a lovely park around here.

Some days they have to wear their sweaters but they don’t mind. (next picture is of them waiting to get out of the gate and into the car to get to the park)

Copy of DSCN1278

Our little Mike,(red leash) who otherwise is quite the couch potato, suddenly becomes a greyhound, running at full speed (which for his size, 8lbs. is quite a sight!). I swear he is smiling as he runs past us in circles.

Our 14 yr. old Chaps, lags behind but nonetheless makes the whole mile, stopping to sniff and leave his “mark” about every 2 ft. or so.

They just love being at the park – but after an hour are quite happy to get into their blanket-lined carriers for the ride home.

They nap the rest of the afternoon each in their respective beds – like little kids….all pooped out. So cute!

Love those little boys and my life with them!