Wednesday, March 30, 2011

“Not Another One!”

Preparing my living room for today’s Stanley Steemer Carpet Cleaners visit, I was moving lamps and tabletop items along with floor plants, statues etc to another room. In due course, I pulled a lifesize ceramic chihuahua statue out of it’s usual corner spot to carry on the next trip because my arms were already loaded. I came back into the living to see little Jenny “creeping” up to the statue, not quite sure if that was yet another dog around here that somehow she hadn’t seen before.


“How could I have missed this guy?”


“You sure that this is safe?”


“Okay, here I go”




“Oh yeah….nothing to be afraid of…….but kind of weird looking and sure doesn’t smell like any dog I’ve ever met!”

“If it’s all the same to you, I’ll just keep my distance anyway.”



That’s fine with me Jenny.


Friday, March 25, 2011

Still Miss You Mom


Today is the 17th anniversary of losing my Mom and apropos to the way I feel, it is a gloomy, dreary day.

My Mom always hated the month of March because she lost her mother in March and whatsmore, she said it is just a depressing, dark month. How ironic that she left us in the month she so disliked.

I have always taken my boy Chaps Chaps-jan09with me to any cemetery visits. He sits in the car watching me as I pay my respects and love to my departed relatives.

He got a little nervous when we first got in the car, thinking we were off to the vet again, but once he figured it out he was my serene comfort on the way home.


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


I’m not Irish but I can celebrate with the best of ‘em!  No, that doesn’t necessarily mean green beer but instead the McDonald’s Shamrock Shake.


Let me explain….since our kids were little, every St. Pat’s day my husband stopped after work for a surprise shamrock shake for all of us (I preferred the chocolate shake which was always greeted with boos from all of them!)  We were quite strict with the sweets, so this before- dinner treat was always welcome.

It’s a nice memory now.

Even though we are retired and the kids are gone he  still picks those shakes up every St. Pat’s day and thinks he is still surprising me with it. Kind of cute but I wish he would remember that I prefer the chocolate!!!!!!


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Done With the Vet For A While…

Took Chaps and Jenny to the vet’s last week, Jenny to be spayed and Chaps for a dental . After the office called to say that their procedures were done and they were both fine, we were anxious to get there to pick them up. We were concerned mostly about Chaps because of his age and the dangers of going under anesthesia but after a complete blood workup, the vet assured us that the risk was outweighed by the fact that dental infections can affect kidneys, the heart etc. especially in older dogs .

So thank goodness they were both fine and happy to see us, though Jenny was groggy and we took them home to be babied by me .DSCN1479

Now a week later, they are both done with their antibiotics and back to normal.. In fact yesterday was such a nice sunny day that we took all 3 dogs for a walk.- today it’s snowing yet again and so it’s good we did !

When will this winter end? Is it just me or is this the longest one yet ?

Come on spring !  I’ve got 3 dogs anxious to get going to parks, the lakefront, outdoor coffee shops with us , fishing with Dad etc.

And lord knows, so am I !!!!images