Sunday, February 6, 2011

What a Surprise !


My gosh, what a surprise!

Thank you to Macho Minute for this Stylish Blogger Award. Macho’s blog was one of the first I followed and continues to be one that I most look for new posts on.

Don’t know that we deserve any awards, being so new to this blogging business, but it was gracious of you to send it our way.

Let’s see…..7 facts about us, huh? Well,

1) My (chihuahua) boys are 14 and (approx.) 7 yrs. old and having lost our last 2 dogs during their 15th yr. we are admittedly nervous about Chaps’ upcoming birthday.

2) I feed my dogs homemade food from organic chicken and vegetables.

3) I am actively looking for a female chihuahua, preferably middle-aged and definitely from a rescue. Need to equal out the testosterone level around here!Actually, I want a little girl to pamper (as if I don’t with my boys….but you know what I mean)

4) I got into the bad habit of dividing one of those small, vanilla ice cream cups between them when I get home from food shopping. Now they expect/demand it, and whatsmore, it has evolved into anytime I get home and with any kind of shopping bags!

5) My husband and I are newly retired and can spend more time with my guys..and they love it, as do we.

6) I am enjoying this blogging experience but hope to get better and more creative with it.

7) I am trying to blog about my other interests but am having trouble incorporating them into what I have already started. I bought a book on blogging and it said that you should stick to one theme. Sometimes how-to’s aren’t beneficial – so I guess I will just do what pleases me and hope for the best.

Okay, not especially interesting but the first 7 that came to mind.

The next part of this award involves adding other blogs that I enjoy and consider “stylin’ “. They are :

1) Road Dog Tales

2) Avery Jack's Tails

3) Dip-Dip and the Bridge

4) Mockingbird Hill Cottage

5) Home and Heart

The first 3 are pet-inspired and the last 2 are just glorious to look at. I hope you visit them and like them as much as I do. 

Thanks again Macho and Nicole, from Chaps, Mike and Cyndie.



  1. Thanks so much for the award, Cyndie! I probably won't have time to answer the 7 questions - I've also answered these types of questions before and there's probably nothing new to add! But I will post it on my 'Awards' page.


  2. Thank you SO SO much for the thoughtful post and award!! I need to start an award page. You are a dolly and I enjoyed your answers and visit!!

  3. Yay! You are welcome, we love reading your blog!

    Your pups are pretty lucky with homemade food and ice cream!

    We hope you get a little girl chihuahua. That would be a cute addition to your family :)

  4. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! for our wonderful award. We're thrilled that you think we're STYLISH! We think you are, too! Mom especially loves your fabulous house in the header there. We're kinda behind on everything, but will do a post soon. Thanks again for reading our blog!!!
    And, hey, there's Macho right above us! Hiya Macho!

    The Road Dogs