Monday, February 21, 2011

I Found Her !


Well, after all of this time I found my “little girl”. Through many months of searching humane societies and animal rescues both in person and online, it was at the Pet Expo that I visited a few weeks ago that I talked to someone, who knew of someone who was fostering my “wish dog”. If I hadn’t talked to the right person at the right time we wouldn’t have found her as she was not listed on any websites or sitting in any humane society.

She is a 6 yr. old, 3.5 lb. package of cuteness!

She was a stray (how she could have existed outside during this awful winter we are having, is anybody’s guess). She had to be treated for kennel cough so we had to wait for her to be cured of that during which our boys had to get a bordatella immunization as a preventive.

We went to pick her up this last Saturday and took Chaps and Mike along to meet her and that went great! All 3 milled around each other, sniffing each other etc. (Though Chaps was more interested in the bags of dogfood that were stacked in the room we were in! lol)

We have an appointment this Wednesday for our vet to examine her but she seems healthy to us. With the brutal winds and new snowfall, housetraining is slow-going so we will concentrate on that more this spring. The foster home had her using the floor pads because of her size. So I guess we will go with that for a while.

We are all undergoing an adjustment around here….she thinks Mike’s bed is hers and Mike being the passive personality, he lets her have it and just sits there looking at her in his bed. I will have to work on that. 

No arguments (fingers crossed) yet…thank goodness but we know enough to expect that she might just need to be shown her place by Chaps. Anyway, we are all happy for her to have joined our family.

Oh, I almost forgot…..making her blog debut, here is “Jenny”………..


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  1. Oh my gosh, she is absolutely adorable! I love, love, love the necklace. Congrats on the new addition, I know you've said that it has taken a while to find her. And 3.5 lbs, wow, that is tiny! Hopefully she adjusts with the other two guys, but I'm sure she will. We use the pee pads with Macho, and they work great.

    We look forward to reading more about your little girl in future posts :)