Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas “Fades” Away……

The holidays are over, and I for one am happy. It wasn’t the same this year, since some family members are estranged. But we did our best to have a nice holiday anyway.

Never the less, I am happy to be taking down all my Christmas decorations.

I am happy to have my usual wall décor back…..DSCN1350DSCN1354

my book cabinet filled with it’s day to day trinkets and pretties…….DSCN1357DSCN1352

even the snowman bathroom nightlight DSCN1359will give way to the softer night-time light that I prefer. DSCN1360

And so the Christmas reds and greens give way to more peaceful and tranquil pastels and whites that I so love.

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  1. We feel the same way about the holidays over here, especially Macho! There was too much going on for him with wrapping presents, trees inside the house, lots of cooking, etc. I think he was happy to see the Christmas tree being taken down! We hope you had a good holiday, even if it wasn't the same as the past ones, and we hope your little guys got some good treats!

    Nicole and Macho