Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Robins Nest In My Backyard

My last post was about a robin’s nest that is located very close to our back door and is occupied by mom, dad and 3 of the cutest baby birds you have ever seen.

To think that when they first built there, the beginning of May, I was worried about the mother abandoning the nest after she got a load of my 3 “charging-out-the-door” dogs, but she has gotten quite used to all of us.

Then I was worried about all the windy days (sometimes gusts of 35 mph) and cold nights (plenty of 40 degrees). Every night I would lay in bed and brace myself for the possibility that either the nest would’ve blown down or the featherless babies wouldn’t survive the night. So each morning I would hesitantly open the door to find her, still sitting on her precious eggs and then babies  so patient but I’m sure wishing it would warm up. DSCN1601


Well in the past week, we have finally warmed up. Thank the Lord, the looong winter is finally behind us!


The robin parents are feeding frequently, DSCN1622whether we are out there or not.


My dogs can even be sunbathing on our brick patio, not far from their nest and they aren’t bothered by them. DSCN1627

I suppose one of these mornings I’ll go out there and they will be gone. I watch them stand up in the nest and stretch their little wings that are not completely feathered yet,  readying themselves for their coming adventure.

I’m enjoying watching this little bit of nature – and I’ll miss them when they leave us. Copy of DSCN1625

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  1. They are pretty cute! So are all of the pups cuddling up in the sun together :)