Thursday, June 23, 2011

One Thing After Another

Haven’t been posting or reading blogs for awhile as there has been a multitude of things going on around here. There was the neighborhood rummage sale last week that I organized , Father’s Day and the accompanying party held in our backyard last Saturday, helping my 90 yr. old father which is almost becoming a constant lately and now a few dog problems. Regarding my dogs, Chaps, my 15 yr old chihuahua DSCN1251has been having some incontinence problems that the vet is successfully treating – and I’ll be doggone (ha-ha) if little Jenny, my 3.5 lb’er isn’t now having piddling problems! This piddling started right after we got her this past February but lately has gotten worse. This seems to be an involuntary problem and mostly when we go to pick her up. Now you may think “well just don’t pick her up” but in dealing with this little thing, there are many times that we do need to pick her up……when she is on a walk and a big dog is coming towards her, when she wants to get off a high bed in the morning, when she refuses to go outside because it’s raining or because the temperature isn’t to her liking and many other times too numerous to mention. The vet has done blood and urine tests and we are waiting for the results. As you can imagine, these “specific” problems lead to much cleaning and washing of floors. I have to admit to getting a bit overwhelmed but love my dogs enough to work through to a solution. I am working on not getting overly excited when one of these accidents occurs, as I have noticed Jenny running away frightened of getting hollered at and then finding her like this…….DSCN1608

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  1. First, I just wanted to give a shout out to another Midwesterner! :-) I really love your blog. It's very charming. Sorry that Chaps is ailing. I'm very close to my animals (cats), so I understand.