Monday, April 18, 2011

It Is Almost Easter, Isn’t It?

Haven’t had much to blog about lately. Wracked my brain to come up with something….so I guess I will just go with what’s new around here – and that is absolutely nothing!!
Don’t know if this ongoing winter is getting to me or what…… oh wait, that’s right, I forgot…’s spring. ha ha
Woke up to snow covering the grass – that’s right it’s April 18 and we’re still dealing with snow and sleet!  Not only that but it is supposed to be cold all week, 30’s every night. aarrgghh!!!!!
When I feel like this, I try to remember that lots of people have it worse than me… about those awful tornadoes yesterday in North Carolina?
And I’m sure that the Japanese still recovering from earthquakes, tsunamis and nuclear fallout would laugh at my problems.
I know, shame on me……
Now that I’m properly humbled and embarrassed by my selfish attitude, please excuse me while I go shop for my Easter outfit……woolen hat, scarf and mittens
Happy  Easter  Sad smile


  1. That's how it was here in Michigan yesterday! It was a bummer, but I guess there's not much you can do. Hopefully it starts to warm up for all of us soon, it's almost May!


  2. Happy Easter Cyndie!! We are enjoying a little cooler weather today which is fantastic. It's only going in the high 80's. It was hotter than heck last week.
    Have a wonderful day!