Thursday, December 2, 2010

“Cottagey” Stainless Steel ???

My microwave died two weeks ago and considering that we use ours many times daily, knew that we needed to get out there and shop for a new one immediately.

Our kitchen appliances are all the bisque color and around 15 yrs. old so we decided to go all out and replace all of them: stove, refrigerator in addition to the microwave.

I have a smallish, cottage-feel kitchen and love the way the bisque blends into the walls and cabinets and doesn’t seem intrusive. However the bisque is being phased out so we are forced to pick between either bright white, black or stainless. I love the black and stainless in a larger, more modern-feel kitchen but in mine?? DSCN1303Hmmmm….

After several days of shopping in just about everyplace that sells appliances, we ended up buying a stainless steel microwave and stove, one of the newer 2-oven-door models. DSCN1302Haven’t used the convection oven yet…..never had one before so I have some reading to do first.

Now we need to shop for a refrigerator…..french-door? side by side? ice-maker?,etc etc….so many decisions to make. But I must admit it is fun and exciting…..I just hope they fit in with my love of “cottagey” everything.

What do you think?


  1. Hello Cyndie! I am ria from greece! I dont speak englhich bat can you take please a google translation !

  2. Cyndie,

    The new appliances look great, especially that oven! Looks very fancy :) And all that matters is that you like it. I have to tell that to myself a lot when decorating because I am not good at it at all!