Monday, September 20, 2010

Happy 90th Birthday Dad


This Thursday is my dad’s 90th Birthday.

My brother is coming in from Montana and we all plan to have a small dinner party for him at a local restaurant.

He still lives alone (which we wish he wouldn’t), and

drives (which we wish he wouldn’t), but he is stubborn and refuses much help from any of us.

He is in good health for his age…..has survived and thrived thru 3 major cancer diagnoses.

I worked in my dad’s business for over 25 yrs. – and that sometimes caused problems between him and me

but we have resolved those problems and I now enjoy and appreciate him as

just my dad.


Happy Birthday Dad !


  1. Happy Birthday to your Dad! Wow, 90, that's quite a milestone!

  2. Thanks Macho..I'll convey your good wishes - LOL