Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Annual Health Checkup


Well, it was today….the dreaded yearly checkup with my internist.

I haven’t had any problems but just the same, I do worry


about the cholesterol levels, blood pressure reading, thyroid levels etc etc,

not to mention the…………

scale!  EEEEK!!!!scale

The bad news is that my doctor walked in sneezing, coughing admitting “I’m sick”.

(uh huh, I see that….so why are you here?)

the good news was that all my bloodwork turned out fine.

I did gain a few pounds over the last year – phooey -

but I think my doc. was too sick to make anything of it.

Now, if my immune system just keeps me from getting whatever he has,

I can get on with losing those new, unwanted pounds…

fingers crossed….exercising

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