Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Jealous Jenny

You can be quite absorbed in either TV, reading or anything else when you are suddenly aware of a low, quiet growling and Mike standing by you, holding onto one of his little stuffed animals in his mouth. This is the signal that he wants you to toss it across the room. Since he is so hard to resist, we find ourselves accommodating him, putting down whatever we’re doing and getting down on the floor with him to play.  Sometimes we get in a good 20 tosses or so and sometimes he quits after 2 or 3 throws…?

And then again, sometimes, he just wants to lay on his back and have you scratch his chest and talk to him.

This used to be Mike’s special time until Jenny decided she should join in…..and Mike being the passive personality, he would just leave and get back in his bed. DSCN1338I Didn’t think this was fair, and that Mike sometimes needs to have undivided attention.

The other day my husband had just gotten down on the floor to play with Mike when sure enough here comes jealous Jenny, trying to come between the 2 of them. I gently scolded her, telling her to give Mike “his space”. She listened and  found a place to oversee and still be close at hand……just in case she was called "into play”.



  1. haha, that's so cute! I like how she poses for the picture as if nothing is wrong with sitting on your husband's back!


  2. Yeah, and lest anyone think I put her up there I did not. She hopped up there like nobody's business! She's a hoot !

  3. That is toooooo cute! What a piece of work Jenny is! How could you not love her and poor Mike what a sweetheart he is, just perfect for cuddling.